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In a galaxy of stimulating games across the globe, one game truly stands apart for its sheer potential to demand the optimum utility of mind-skills. Yes, there is nothing quite like chess - incomparable, inimitable and absolutely inspiring.

The "Madras Chess Club" (now Tamil Nadu State Chess Association), was formed on 26th April 1947 at Chennapuri Andhra Maha Sabha Chennai with the aim of holding chess tournaments and All India Championships.

Since inception of TNSCA, many illustrious personalities such as T.A. Krishnamachari (1951-56), R.M.Seshadri ICS (Retd.) (1956-57), Kasturi Srinivasan (1957-59), G. Narashimhan (1959-66), S. Krishnaswamy IAS (1967-71), A.N.Parasuraman (1971-75), Dr. N Mahalingam (1975-1984, 1999-2002), Industrialist G.K. Sundaram (1984-90), and Dr. M Gopalakrishnan, (1990-99) have been great sources of strength and guidance in promoting the game of chess in Tamil Nadu.

A special mention must be made about the invaluable contribution made by Dr. N Mahalingam who had sponsored many National and International tournaments in Tamil Nadu. Dr. N Mahalingam sponsored the Sakthi Grandmasters Tournament 1987, in which the current World Champion Anand became the First Grandmaster of India. With Dr. M Gopalakrishnan’s support, many International Championships were held in Tamil Nadu, the most Important of them all was the candidates match between Anand and Alexie Dreev (Russia) in 1991.

Since 2002, Mr.P.R.Venketrama Raja (Vice-Chairman and Managing Director, M/s. Ramco Group of Companies) has been carrying on the good work done by his predecessors to TNSCA.

Many of our former secretaries are well known for their tireless work, honesty, and administrative efficiency. Notable amongst them are India’s First International Arbiter V.Kameswaran, India’s First International Master Manuel Aaron and the present Honorary Secretary of AICF Mr.D.V.Sundar. While Mr.Kameswaran and Manuel Aaron systematized the administrative work by formulating several rules and regulations for holding TN State Level / TN State Championships, Mr. D.V. Sundar brought in many International Tournaments / Championships to Tamilnadu.

The appearance of Mr. D.V. Sundar in the Chess scene enabled Tamilnadu to find it place in the world chess map with his tremendous power of communication and dynamism. He brought (and he still bringing) many International events to Chennai Anand- Alexie Dreev Candidates Match 1991,Videocon International Masters Tournament 1994, Asian Zonal Championship 1995, Penta Media International Grandmaster Tournament 2000, Asian Women Championship 2001, and the annual Chennai International Open (since 2010) are some of the colorful feathers in his organizing cap.

At TNSCA, it has been our prerogative to identify upcoming chess players and mould them into world-class professionals. To achieve this lofty ideal, we incessantly provide many tournament opportunities and promote chess across the state of Tamil Nadu with astute planning and systematic execution.

We believe that constant exposure makes chess players gain confidence, besides enhancing their skill of the game. In order to facilitate this, we at TNSCA organize State Chess Championships in different categories every year. This throws open tremendous opportunities, especially for players who dream of leaving an indelible mark in this enthralling game.

In order to give the ultimate benefits to chess enthusiasts across the state, we co-operate and co-ordinate with the Sports Development Authority of Tamil Nadu and the All India Chess Federation. The result of this has been remarkably fruitful. Indeed TNSCA has been triumphant in producing some of the commendable chess players in the country.

Besides that, our ceaseless ventures in unison with the All India Chess Federation to run more national and international tournaments in Tamil Nadu have been instrumental in generating players of supreme quality.

At TNSCA, our passion for the game motivates us to empower chess players by giving them an escalated social status. We very firmly believe that the players have to enjoy respect and adoration in the society, which will make them psychologically at ease, thereby inducing them to give their best to the game. We strive to give them this advantage and boost their spirits.

Our no-compromise approach and functioning is evident from the fact that we offer the most competent coaching to the juvenile players before they compete at the national level. This helps them in mastering the intricacies of the game and adds a dash of confidence that does them a world of good.

We at Tamil Nadu State Chess Association boast of a unique tradition of producing some of the finest chess players. Of these, the most valuable and the most remarkable till date is, without a shade of doubt, the legendry Viswanathan Anand. Well, if he is a monument amongst chess professionals, TNSCA is the proud architect. In the years to come, we are sure of giving the world, more such wondrous players from the state of Tamil Nadu.: Out of the 25 GMs 10 are from Tamilnadu and out of the 77 IMs 35 are from Tamilnadu. If Tamilnadu is called the Mecca of Indian Chess, it is no exaggeration

We are proud to say that the FIRST INDIAN:

  • International Master Manuel Aaron
  • Grandmaster Vishwanathan Anand
  • Women Grandmaster S.Vijayalakshmi
  • International Arbiter V Kameshwaran
  • FIDE Arbiter S Balaraman and
  • FIDE Trainer Ebenzer Joseph belong to Tamil Nadu

World Champions form Tamil Nadu :

  • World Junior Champion (1987): Vishwanathan Anand
  • World Champion (2000-2002, 2007, 2008-2010, and 2010-2012): Vishwanathan Anand
  • World U-18 Girls Champion (2000): WGM Aarthie Ramaswamy
  • World U-12 Champion (2005): IM N. Srinath
  • World U-16 Champion (2008): GM B. Adhiban
  • World U-16 Champion (2009): GM SP. Sethuraman

FIDE Title Holders from Tamil Nadu


  1. Vishy Anand(CHE)
  2. K. Sasikiran(KAN)
  3. R.B. Ramesh(CHE)
  4. P. Magesh Chandran(CHE)
  5. J. Deepan Chakkravarthy(MDU)
  6. S. Arun Prasad(SLM)
  7. Sundarrajan Kidambi(CHE)
  8. R.R. Laxman(CHE)
  9. B. Adhiban(CHE)
  10. S.P. Sethuraman(CHE)

Women Grandmasters

  1. S. Vijayalakshmi(CHE)
  2. Aarthie Ramaswamy(CHE)
  3. S. Meenakshi(CHE)

International Masters

  1. Manuel Aaron(TUT)
  2. T.N. Parameswaran(TRY)
  3. V. Ravikumar(CHE)
  4. Raja Ravi Sekhar(CHE)
  5. K. Murugan(NLC)
  6. P. Mithrakanth(NLC)
  7. Varugeese Koshy(CHE)
  8. S. Vijayalakshmi(CHE)
  9. P. Konguvel(CHE)
  10. N. Sudhakar Babu(IB)
  11. G.B. Prakash(IB)
  12. V. Saravanan(CHE)
  13. T.S. Ravi(CHE)
  14. S. Poobesh Anand(CHE)
  15. M.R. Venkatesh(CHE)
  16. R. Balasubramiam(ICF)
  17. M. Shyam Sundar(CHE)
  18. Ashwin Jayaram(CHE)
  19. BT. Muralikrishnan(SRLY)
  20. D.P. Singh(SRLY)
  21. P. Karthikeyan(CHE)
  22. N. Srinath(CHE)
  23. K. Priyadharshan(MDU)
  24. C. Praveen Kumar(CHE)
  25. P. Shyam Nikhil(CHE)
  26. S. Nitin(SLM)
  27. Siddharth Ravichandran(CHE)
  28. V. Vishnu Prasanna(CHE)
  29. Ramnath Bhuvanesh(CHE)

Women International Masters

  1. Saritha Reddy(KGI)
  2. M.Kasturi(MDU)
  3. Y.Prathiba(KAN)
  4. Sai Meera Ravi(IB).
  5. P.Priya (CHE)

FIDE Masters

  1. A.Pavanasam(NLC)
  2. K.V.Shantharam(IB)
  3. K.Visweswaran(CHE)
  4. C.J. Arvind(CHE)
  5. V.A.V.Rajesh(CHE)
  6. M.Vinoth Kumar(CHE)
  7. P. Maheswaran(VNR)
  8. S.Rengarajan(MDU)

Women FIDE Masters

  1. Safira Shahnaz(VNR)
  2. Pon.N.Krithika(KAN)
  3. Uthra.P(TLR)
  4. M.Mahalakshmi(CHE)
  5. J.Saranya(TLR)
  6. Srija Seshadri(CUD)
  7. GK. Monnisha (CHE)

FIDE Trainers

  1. Ebenezer Joseph(KKI)
  2. Hariharan.V(IB)
  3. K. Visweswaran(CHE)
  4. V. Ravikumar(CHE)

International Arbiters

  1. V. Kameswaran(CHE)
  2. K.R. Seshadri(KAN)
  3. Manuel Aaron(TUT)
  4. Prof.M. Ananth(CHE)
  5. R. Ravi Sekhar(CHE)
  6. A.N. Venkatesan(CHE)
  7. 7 K. Muralimohan(CHE)
  8. A.J. Manavalan(CHE)
  9. Paul Arokiaraj(CHE)
  10. V. Ravichandran(KAN)
  11. Prof. R. Anantharam(VNR)
  12. M. Vijayakumar(CHE)
  13. N.K. Nanda Kumar(CHE)
  14. V. Vijayaraghavan(CBE)
  15. D. Soundaramoorthy(VEL)
  16. M. Muthu Kumar(KAN)
  17. M. Ephrame(KKI)
  18. R. Srivatsan(TLR)

FIDE Arbiters

  1. S. Balaraman(TLR)
  2. V.Hariharan(IB)
  3. M. Senthilvel (SLM)
  4. R.R.Vasudevan(CHE)
  5. R. Guruswamy(VNR)
  6. B.T.Sethuraman(MDU)
  7. R. Bhuvana(KAN)
  8. R.Ramakrishnan(CHE)
  9. .K.Thirukkalathy(KAN)
  10. R.K. Balagunasekaran(TRR)
  11. B. Sakthi Prabhakar(CHE)
  12. Aarthie Ramaswamy(CHE)
  13. R. Balasubramanian(CHE)
  14. K. Ganesan(CHE)
  15. A. Suresh Kumar(CHE)
  16. A.L. Kasi(CHE)
  17. T.T. Lakshmi Priya(CHE)
  18. M.R. Senthil Kumar(CHE)
  19. S.Shreedharan(KAN)
  20. V. Ravikumar(CHE)

FIDE Instructors

  1. K. Muralimohan(CHE)
  2. V. Ravichandran(KAN)
  3. AL. Kasi(CHE)
  4. KP. Sundarrajan(CHE)
  5. M. Muthukumar(KAN)
  6. TT.Lakshmi Priya(CHE)

National Insructors

  1. K. Ganesan(CHE)
  2. Srinivasan Rangan(CHE)
  3. M. Parivel(ERO)
  4. A. Suresh Kumar(CHE)
  5. MR. Ananthan(CHE)
  6. M. Vivek(NIL).

About The Greatest Indian Chess Player who hails from Tamil Nadu

Viswanathan Anand; born 11 December 1969 is an Indian chess Grandmaster and the current World Chess Champion.

He held the FIDE World Chess Championship from 2000 to 2002, at a time when the world title was split. He became the undisputed World Champion in 2007 and defended his title against Vladimir Kramnik in 2008. He then successfully defended his title in the World Chess Championship 2010 against Veselin Topalov. As the reigning champion, he will face the winner of the Candidates Tournament for the World Chess Championship 2012.

He is currently world number 1 as per FRL March 2011.

Anand became India's first grandmaster in 1987. He was also the first recipient of the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award in 1991–92, India's highest sporting honor. In 2007, he was awarded India's second highest civilian award, the Padma Vibhushan, making him the first sportsperson to receive the award in Indian history.

Anand has been described by Lubomir Kavalek as the most versatile world champion ever, since Anand is the only player to have won the world chess championships in many formats including Knockout, Tournament, Match, Rapid and Blitz.

Under the able guidance of our President Shri P.R. Venkatrama Raja we work tirelessly for the cause of chess in Tamil Nadu the present office Bearers of TNSCA are:

Our exalted dream continues. So do our extraordinary efforts.

Mr.P.R.Venketrama Raja
Mr.M.V.M. Velmurugan
General Secretary
Joint Secretary
Joint Secretary
Joint Secretary
Joint Secretary
Joint Secretary
Mr. Axiom S.Abdul Nazer
Joint Secretary
K.Gopala Krishnan
Assistant Treasurer
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